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Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi
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Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi

If we compare the advancement in the field of medical science, it is skyrocketing. Technology has become so advanced that we can now find the disease before the symptoms begin, through numerous screening tests. These tests help us to identify the disease in the earliest days so that treatment can be availed. A screening test must go through several criteria to get recommendations and acceptance from the medical practitioners.

Laboratory tests are the general name for screening tests. These tests check blood and other fluids to determine the inherited genetic markers present and then produce a picture of the inner body. There are certain factors namely gender, age, and family history, that require specific screening tests. If a woman shows no signs or symptoms of breast cancer then there are 2 breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi examinations that she will undergo, name, Clinical Breast Exam, and Mammography.


Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi: -


Mammography can be supplemented with MRI scans and ultrasound to study and detect breast cancers, but it doesn’t mean that they will replace mammography. A radiologist or doctor needs to inform the woman if an ultrasound or MRI scan is appropriate for her. If the family history of a woman says that she will be having breast cancer then the woman is at high risk.

Women who cannot undergo MRI scans possess a high risk for breast cancer. In that case, an ultrasound of the breast can be considered.


The process of mammography is not suitable for pregnant women as they should not be exposed to X-rays. Ultrasound of the breast is beneficial for women who have dense breast tissue and through breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi it can be found that the possibility of having several glands, ducts, fibrous tissue, and less fat. It is difficult in part of traditional mammography to detect cancers.


Who Should Consider The Screening Procedure And Why?

Any form of cancer that can be seen in the breast tissues or in the lobules where the milk is been prepared or the ducts that carry the milk to the nipple is considered breast cancer. Even men also encounter breast cancer but it's very rare. A survey says that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer across the world. It has also been observed that 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime. If you are a woman then you should be well aware of the factors that develop the risk of breast cancer. These factors include: -

  • Age

  • Obesity

  • Family History

  • Gene mutation (BRCA1 or BRCA2)

  • Dense breast tissues development

  • If menstruation has started at an early age.

  • Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages

  • Expecting first child at an old age or lack the ability to give birth.

  • Radiation therapy to the chest between the age of 10 and 30 years will invite breast cancer.

  • Genetic diseases such as hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, Cowden syndrome, or Li-Fraumeni syndrome.


Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi Recommendations: -

At the age of 40, it is necessary to have screening mammography. Regulatory bodies also agree to this statement. If a woman does her mammogram screening, between the age of 40 and 74, then according to the U.S department of health and human services, she has a low dying chance from breast cancer compared to other women who do not.

It is also recommended that at the beginning of age 40, a woman should start breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi mammography and should continue each year. Consulting a doctor between the age of 40-44 and considering the screening examination will save lives. According to the American cancer society, it is an absolute necessity to undergo screening mammography between the age of 45-55. Here the screening needs to be performed once a year and should not be discontinued. After the age of 55, women can consider the screening once in 2 years.

The average risk for breast cancer begins at 50, so it is recommended to have regular screening mammography done each other year. Women should seek expert medical advice regarding the frequency of screening if they have had breast cancer or possess the risk of having it due to their family history.

 According to the National Cancer Institute, regardless of age, women should continue the screening as long as she is in proper health. There are different guidelines set for women at high risk for breast cancer. It is also recommended that if a woman is at high risk for breast cancer then she should start with an MRI scan and then mammography at age 30, this should continue until the woman secures good health.

There is a point to remember, most breast cancer occurs without any risk factors involved, so if a woman is feeling uncomfortable then it is wise to begin the MRI breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi to know whether the woman is at high risk for breast cancer or not. This can even be possible at the early age of 25. It is better to consult a radiologist to determine when to begin the process and how often to undergo the screening.



How is breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi Performed?


  • Breast MRI

  • Breast Ultrasound

  • Clinical Breast Exam

  • Breast Tomosynthesis

  • Screening Mammography



Benefits And Risks Of Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi: -


There are numerous benefits and complications associated with breast cancer ultrasound screening. Some of those are: -




  • It is widely available and easy to use.

  • Ultrasound scanning is not a surgical method.

  • It is a less expensive method compared to other available options.

  • Unlike x-ray images, ultrasound scanning gives a clear picture of soft tissues.

  • It is not a painful method, however, temporary uncomfortably can be a factor.

  • Due to non-ionizing radiation, it is an extremely safe breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi method.

  • Mammography cannot detect lesions in women with dense breasts, whereas ultrasound imaging can do the work.


Risks Of Ultrasound Screening: -

There are no harmful effects on humans for standard diagnostic ultrasound. Translation of a breast ultrasound assessment might prompt extra systems, for example, biopsy or follow-up ultrasound. Large numbers of the spaces thought to be of concern just on ultrasound ended up being non-carcinogenic.

Benefits Of Breast MRI: -

  • MRI can provide guidance for biopsy, in case a suspicious lesion is seen.

  • No matter how dense your breast is, MRI has the ability to detect breast cancer.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves, so it is a non-invasive technique.

  • When MRI is added up with mammography, successful outputs in the evaluation of breast cancer have been observed.

  • It is a very helpful and valuable breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi to detect breast cancer that cannot be determined by ultrasound or mammography.

Potential Risks: -

  • Most of the potential abnormalities were found to be false positives.

  • MRI may pose a risk to high-end patients when appropriate safety guidelines are not followed.

  • During the MRI exam, there is a high chance that the implanted medical devices main malfunction as they contain metal, as MRI scan involves strong magnetic fields.

  • A mother should not breastfeed her baby for 24-48 hours after the constant medium is given. However, it is safe to continue breastfeeding after receiving intravenous contrast.

  • In case the patient has very poor kidney function, it is believed that injection of high doses of gadolinium contrast material may lead to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. It is a rare complication associated with MRI.

  • If contrast material is injected, the patient may be exposed to an allergic reaction. These are not serious forms of allergies and can be controlled by medication. Immediate assistance needs to be made available in case you experience allergic symptoms.



Procedures To Be Followed After Breast Cancer Screening Abu Dhabi Exam: -


The breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi most often detects questionable findings, lumps, and other abnormalities in the breasts. However, it cannot be said whether the finding is cancerous or benign. In order to find out whether you have cancerous cells present in your breast, your doctor will recommend a few other imaging tests. Breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and diagnostic mammography are some of the most commonly prescribed recommendations.


No further steps will be encouraged in case it has been proved benign by the exam or through appearance. A biopsy may be necessary in case no clear results can be derived from these tests. The procedure of biopsy includes removal of some portion of local tissues under the influence of anesthesia. The tissues were further examined in a laboratory. Some of the image-guided procedures followed during a breast biopsy are: -


  • Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy: -


In this procedure, to visualize a breast lump, ultrasound imaging is used. Here, real-time ultrasound images were extracted and with the help of these images, the radiologist will insert a needle and remove some tissues from the sight of abnormality and then evaluated them under the microscope. The procedure for biopsy is usually fast but may take few days before the final tissue analysis is ready.


  • Stereotactic or x-ray guided Biopsy: -


In this breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi a digital mammography X-ray machine is used that clicks images of the breast at different angles. After considering all these images, the computer will calculate and then detect the exact location where the abnormality is present in the breast. For further evaluation, a radiologist will insert a needle to the site of abnormality and then collect the tissue samples.


  • MRI guided breast biopsy: -


Magnetic resonance imaging uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to draw out detailed pictures of the inner body. Based on the results, tissue sampling will be carried out by a radiologist.


The final diagnosis is done by a pathologist who examines the removed tissue specimen. After getting the results, your physician or radiologist will share the information with you and in case of any complications, further procedures will be explained then only. It is well known that prevention is better than cure. If early symptoms can be determined by this process then the survival from breast cancer will be increased through an improved treatment process.

At Dr. Haytham’s clinic, we take the charge to treat you with the most improved technologies available at our facility. In case the results are positive for breast cancer, our doctors will let you know regarding the treatment options, and together with your further treatment procedures will be taken over. If you are worried regarding what will happen next, then remember that the treatment options for women are now more than ever before.

Reach out to us today and get breast cancer screening Abu Dhabi. Earlier the diagnosis, so as the treatment. Be smart and don't wait for the last moment as it can be fatal. Book your appointment today and get early benefits.

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