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Dr. Haytham is one of the few healthcare personnel who provides comprehensive advanced pancreatico-biliary surgeries for diseases of the pancreas and biliary tree. His surgical knowledge allows him to help patients with suspected or confirmed cancer of the pancreas or bile duct.


He is also specialized in the removal of challenging stones from the bile duct either surgically or through laparoscopic shattering under direct vision at the time of Chol angioscopy rather than requiring surgery. He can perform highly specialized laparoscopy like surgical Chol angioscopy to diagnose and treat strictures of the bile ducts. In addition, he can assess, diagnose and treat cases of acute and chronic pancreatitis and plan a strategy for alleviating the pain of chronic pancreatitis such as endoscopic pancreatic therapy.


He offers a comprehensive diagnosis of pancreatic cysts and gives valuable decisions to determine the nature of these cysts and whether any particular treatment is needed.

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Mediclinic , Airport road, main building, ground floor, The Surgery Clinic

whats app: +971-24944558 

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