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Proctology surgery

Dr. Haytham is a well-known proctologist who offers expertise in colorectal surgery field. His focused education and continuous work enabled him to diagnose and treat conditions of the bowel (consisting of the colon, rectum, and anus) and the pelvic floor. 


He is expert in the 3D U/S imaging of the anus, rectum, and the pelvic floor. He also performs manometry with biofeedback and deals with constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction, and stomas and their complications. Moreover, he is professional in painless hemorrhoid surgery without cutting, benign and malignant anal diseases, pilonidal cyst disease, and rectal prolapse.


His kind and friendship attitude helped him in advising the different screening methods, the risks and the benefits of each before the patient undergo any procedure.


He is currently one of the few surgeons in Abu Dhabi who performs laparoscopic colorectal surgeries. He is a known speaker with a special interest in colorectal surgeries.

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Mediclinic , Airport road, main building, ground floor, The Surgery Clinic

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