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Dr.haytham el salhat
Breast Surgery


Dr. Haytham El-Salhat is a leading surgical oncologist in the UAE with expertise in breast cancer, sarcoma, GI, and pancreatic surgery. He is a highly skilled laparoscopic surgeon and is one of the few surgeons in Abu Dhabi who perform laparoscopic oncological surgery. He is also a passionate educator and researcher, and is committed to providing his patients with the best possible care.

Why choose Dr. Haytham El Salhat


Expert breast surgeon with oncoplastic skills, also skilled in soft tissue, GI, and pancreatic surgery.


Dr. El Salhat is a surgical oncologist with 20 years of experience and expertise in rare and complex cancers.


Dr. El Salhat is a highly qualified surgical oncologist, recognized by prestigious organizations worldwide.


Dr. El Salhat is known for his compassionate and patient-centered approach to care. He takes the time to explain all options to his patients and involve them in decision-making.


Dr. El Salhat is a renowned surgical oncologist in the UAE, known for his expertise, skill, and patient-centered care.

Our Services


Breast Cancer

to perform all breast cancer standard surgeries starting from simple lumpectomy.....

Benign Breast tumors

His clinical expertise and being the chief of surgical departments in....

Advanced laparoscopy

perform advanced laparoscopic surgery with special interest in laparoscopic.....


offers cutting-edge surgery with compassion and personalized care as he is....


comprehensive advanced pancreatico-biliary surgeries for diseases of .....

Proctology surgery

expert in the 3D U/S imaging of the anus, rectum and the pelvic floor....

Work up, diagnosis and follow-up of malignancies

most up-to-date investigations for diagnosing malignant and benign soft tissue.....

Hernia Surgery

repair is attributed to advanced training and a highly focused clinical practice....


Years of Experience




Master Certifications


Happy Staff

What We Do

🤝Working Together to Fight Cancer 💪🏽❤️

Early detection and diagnosis

Uses the latest breast cancer surgery techniques

Offers personalized support

Scheduling and coordinating appointments

Grateful for the Trust of My Patients

🤝 Together, We Fight for Recovery 💪

Happy Patients

لا أستطيع ان اعبر لك عن شكرى و عظيم امتنانى بارك الله لك و فيك يا رب

Nasra Hussein

 You have been much more to me than just a doctor. You have been my therapist, supporter, friend, well wisher and angel in disguise. 

You believed in me  and gave me faith to recover and treated me as a person not as patient or report .The nightmare of my illness slowly became a dream of recovery, thanks for being such  a human being.


Thanks for your support...patience and for your humanity..Really I'm a lucky patient Dr.Haytham

Falak Nour

I have hope that this testimony will be a pure evidence of what Doc Haythem had done to me. And certainly I have brought a joy to his heart, Heart that is opened for people who needed him. And what I believe it was meant to be that God placed Doc Haythem on my way, to fix me and my life.

Sylwester Wilsz

Thank You Dr.Haytham for everything.

He is best oncologist in UAE.


Thank You Dr. Haytham for everything. He is best Oncologist in Abu Dhabi. 


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