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Malignant breast tumours

Malignant Breast Tumours

Dr. Haytham is a professional expert in the field of breast oncology thanks to his long history in the oncology surgery fields in addition to the various fellowships and memberships that he obtained in the field of breast surgery throughout his medical career.


He is well trained to perform all breast cancer standard surgeries starting from simple lumpectomy passing by all types of mastectomies (nipple sparing, simple and modified radical mastectomies) and axillary lymph node dissection.


He is well experienced in dealing with post-operative lymphedema cases. Owing to his considerable experience, he can give patients reconstruction breast options (breast implants, skin grafts like TRAM flap or latissimus flap.


In addition, he can add a nipple, change the shape or size of the reconstructed breast, and operate on the opposite breast as well for a better match. He also offers his 5 years follow-up during the chemo-and radio-therapy treatment.

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